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Scrape List of Investors

A list that allows you to collect information about investors. For example to collect the data from Mercury Investors List (



Scrape Individual
Investor Profile

Extract data of an individual investor's personal profile. For example from LinkedIn,, or Mercury Investors Profiles:



Scrape Company
LinkedIn Profile

Data from Companies' profile in LinkedIn. For example from



Save Company Info

The template offers to collect general information about companies, detailing their website URL, name, industry, description, address, contacts, stock identifier, workforce size, service offerings, operational regions, taglines, and social media presence, including follower counts. This data offers a snapshot of company's profile, enabling a quick comparison or analysis.

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Save Contacts

Stores contact and professional details for individuals. Attributes include names (full and nickname), communication methods (email and phone), address, social media profiles, and occupational information (company, position, and a brief summary). Best for storing in the CRM like HubSpot, Pipedrive, etc. offers seamless integration with popular CRMs without 3rd party tools.

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Build Wishlists

This template is designed to organize your desired items across various categories. Attributes:
- Item Name: The name of the item as listed or as you refer to it.
- Item Category: The broad category or type the item falls into, such as electronics, clothing, books, tickets, certificates, etc., to help with sorting and organization.
- Link to Website: A direct URL to the item's online listing or page where more details can be found. This facilitates quick access for reviewing or purchasing the item.
- Price: The current listed price of the item.



Save Consumer Product's

The template allows to save detailed product description for the products from online stores, capturing essential attributes like the source URL, product name, price, brand, and categorization. It also encompasses user feedback through ratings.


Super Bookmarks (content)

Template allows to save extended bookmarks that includes Title, Summary, Tags, Author and other attributes.

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Super Bookmarks
(products and services)

Use this Template to save and manage you Bookmarks for Products and Services from SaaS or Barbershops. The template presents structured information on online resources related to products and services. Each entry offers a source URL, title, description, category, tags, icon, companies' information, and language.

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Scrape Consumer
Products Description

The sample provides detailed product listings from two online stores, capturing essential attributes like the source URL, product name, price, brand, and categorization. It also encompasses user feedback through ratings.



Extended Consumer Product

The template provides detailed consumer product description to capture information from online stores and from product catalogs. It also encompasses user feedback through ratings and reviews and gives insights into logistics, like shipping details, availability, and return policies. Promotional aspects, such as discounts and sales rank, further enrich the dataset, offering a comprehensive view of each product's online presence and market dynamics.


SaaS Product Extended
Description & Contacts

The template allows to collect information about SaaS products including contacts, social media, features, pricing, etc. Best to collect data from resources similar to G2, Product Hunt, etc.



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